Head of Atazhurt organization Serikzhan Biyash detained on suspicion of incitement of national enmity

Date: 14:30, 11-03-2019.

Almaty. March 11. KazTAG - Serikzhan Biyash has been detained on suspicion of incitement of national enmity, reports the press-service of police department of Astana.
"S. Biyash has been detained on suspicion of intentional actions targeted on incitement of social and national enmity. Investigation is underway. The details are not made public in the interests of investigation," said the police.
According to Japanese newspaper Asahi Shibun, Biyash, who was born in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, is a leader of Atazhurt group which advocates release of ethnic Kazakhstan from the camps, where, according to the activists over 1 mln ethnic Uygur and other Muslims are being kept.
"The Kazakh activists who advocates the rights of Kazakh people in China has been detained on charges of incitement of enmity. Atazhurt said that security officers broke into hotel room in Almaty where Biyash was staying, detained him and delivered to Astana," reads the message.
Aiman Umarova, defense lawyer of Biyash, said that she was not explained on the reason of his delivery to Astana.
"I know nothing, the only thing I know is that the application was written in Astana. If the application was written in Astana, but the case occurred in Almaty, what's the reason of his restraint in Astana? He was forcefully delivered to Astana," said Umarova.
She marked there has been an efforts of her disposition  from Biyash's defense.
The lawyer believes there is a political subcurrent in his detention.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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