Health Care Department refutes information about swine and bird flu

Date: 14:37, 22-01-2019.

Almaty. January 22. KazTAG - No cases of swine or bird flu have been registered in Almaty, said Aizat Moldagasimova, head of Health Care Department of Almaty.
"We have not faced any problems (bird or swine flu-KazTAG). We have been observing routine seasonal disease incidence, there has been no pandemic. We have seen virus infection, it happens every year," she said to KazTAG.
She marked much influenza like diseases have similar symptoms.
"Of course, we have been controlling the flu, the strains. All the influenza like diseases are similar. The main task is to differentiate correctly. ARVI, the flu are similar. Much influenza like diseases start similarly- temperature, cough, running nose. Complications in the form of pneumonia happen in case of untimely treatment," she added.
Social network users had complained about the disease whose symptoms are temperature of 38 degrees and above, no appetite, drowsiness, cough, runny nose, sore throat. At the same time, they noted a prolonged course of the disease: high temperature lasted up to 10 days, weakness lasted up to three weeks. Users were surprised by different diagnoses with the same symptoms - bronchitis, pneumonia, viral flu, herpes flu, etc. According to users, it is a pandemic of bird or swine flu.

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