Holdback pay makes 800 mln tenge in Kazakhstan- General Prosecutor's Office

Date: 10:24, 10-12-2014.

Astana. December 10. KazTAG - The holdback pay in Kazakhstan lowered to 800 mln tenge in Kazakhstan, said Andrey Kravchenko, deputy prosecutor general.  "Since early 2010 holdback pay has lowered by more than 5 times and makes only 800 million tenge to 5000 workers, in fact a big share of the debt falls on the enterprises which are on the bankruptcy stage," he said at the round table "Advocacy of state and civil society institutes".
Since January this year the prosecution bodies suppressed more than 100 000 violations of labor rights of people, more than 2000 procuracy supervision reports have been drawn up. More than 3500 people have been attracted to responsibility for violation of labour rights of people.

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