Home arrest extended by 2 months for Serik Akhmetov

Date: 16:30, 13-02-2015.

Karaganda. February 13. KazTAG - Home arrest has been extended for two more months for Serik Akhmetov, ex minister of defense, suspected of corruption crimes, said KazTAG reporter from the courtroom.
"Satisfy the claim, extend home arrest for Serik Akhmetov for the period of familiarization with the materials of the case by 2 months until April 18 2015," said Yerkesh Mauken, judge of Kazybekbi district court of Karaganda.
S. Akhmetov is suspected of crime prescribed by the article 3 of the Criminal Code: 176 part 4 (embezzlement), 307 part 4 (power abuse), 311 part 5 (bribe taking).

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