Honey and turkey’s meat producers in South Kazakhstan intend to enter China’s market in 2015

Date: 17:10, 07-11-2014.

Shymkent. November 7. KazTAG –  Honey and turkey’s meat producers from South-Kazakhstan region intend to enter China’s market in 2015, a chairman of beekeepers’ association of RK, businessman Sergei Tereshneko said.
«Beekeepers’ association in 4 years increased honey production by 8 times. Next year we will enter Chinese market with our turkey’s meat too, for they do not produce it», - said S.Tereshneko at international investment forum in Shymkent Friday.

According to him, now it is time to think about food safety in the country. A number of companies in the region are working on it.
«Production of foods should be our first priority. I have been engaged in it for 20 years and will go on in future. Our company «Ordabasy kus» produced over 100 thousand tons of turkey’s meat worth $1 mln in 5 years », - he noted.

As the businessman stressed, South-Kazakhstan has an opportunity to develop fishing industry. Average Kazakh citizen consumes 2 kg of fish a year, when a Russian – 25 kg. In order to sort out this situation, the southern region has all conditions to increase fish production.
Moreover, S.Tereshenko says, Kazakhstan should increase soybean and corn production. This year «Ordabasy kus» planted corn on 500 hectares, but it is not enough. “We can not develop cattle breeding without this crop,” he said.  

S.Tereshenko suggested akimat of South Kazakhstan region considering his proposal to allocate a land in industrial zone «Ontustik» for building an enterprise food production. The businessman is sure, that this will give an impetus to development of tinned food and confectionery factories.
Besides, he offered to turn the territory among Shardara and Turkistan into irrigated land. It will take 10 years but will increase yields.

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