House arrest for Serikzhan Bilash extended until July 10

Almaty. June 21. KazTAG - House arrest for Serikzhan Bilash, leader of Atazhurt Eriktileri movement, has been extended until July 10, said Aiman Umarova, lawyer.
"Experts have been appointed and the fourth house arrest has been extended until July 10, his house arrest is supposed to expire on July 10. According to the investigation bodies the reason for this is a number of investigatory actions, they say they need to interrogate somebody and so on. There is a term of investigation and the term of house arrest and the house arrest does not affect the investigation. Is he holding the expert by hand and creates barriers? Does he prevent from witnesses interrogation? But they keep on extending the term," said Umarova.
She said the cause of the charged against Bilash is his words he said about information jihad.
"When he was in a restaurant he made a speech offering to make information jihad for the Chinese correctional camp, so that all the world would know about it. All the world is combatting this, but Serikzhan is accused of extremism for this," she said.
Bilash was detained on March 10 in one hotel in Almaty. He is charged under article "intentional actions for incitement of social and national enmity".

Photo source: picture from an open source