Husband of one attacker on journalists in Almaty turned out to be inspector of regional department

Date: 11:37, 24-07-2019.

Almaty. July 24. KazTAG - Husband of Akzhol Akhmetova, who was among the attackers on journalists in Almaty, turned out to be an inspector of the Department of Religious Affairs of the Almaty region.
“Akzhol Akhmetova’s husband (who attacked journalists) turns out to be an employee of the akimat of the Almaty region. He works in the administration of religious affairs. Earlier in the comments of Moldiyar Yergebekov, he stated that “he knows these women, they are his neighbors”. When they showed him that this was not his neighbor at all, but his wife, the man who has three names on social networks - Abumansur, Zhasulan and Zhetkenshek dissapeared," said  Asel Zhapisheva,  journalist and activist of Oyan, Kazakhstan movement.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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