Husband of only survivor in traffic accident with Gelandewagen told about her condition in court

Almaty. February 14. KazTAG - Bakyt Aldibekov- husband of Aizada Satybaldiyeva - the only survivor in Mitsubishi Galant in the traffic accident with  Gelandewagen in Almaty told about her health condition.
"Aizada is the only survivor. She was in coma for 26 hours, then she spent 8 hours in the intensive care, she has not recovered yet, she doesn't know what happened, she doesn't know that her friends died," he said.
He said according to the doctors, rehabilitation will take at least five months.
"After my wife was discharged from hospital of emergency medical aid, she spent three days at home, and then she was taken to hospital number four. She had operations. She has not recovered yet. Doctors say she will need 5-6 months for rehabilitation," he said.
He added that the culprit of the accident must be punished.
“Three people died, the fourth is disabled, she does not understand, she cannot recover, she is the leading actress of the Drama Theater named after Auezov, mother of two children, the culprit must be punished," he said.

Photo source: picture from an open source