I always try to believe 100% in what I say - Kelimbetov

Date: 13:19, 29-10-2014.

Astana. October 29. KazTAG - Kairat Kelimbetov, chairman of the National Bank, confessed that he tried to believe 100% in what he says.
"I always try to believe 100% in what I say, because if I am not sure, I try not to say," he said answering an appropriate question of journalists.
In his words, following February devaluation the National Bank was criticized that tenge rate was lowered too much, while in summer the bank was criticized for insufficient devaluation.
"Like all the men know what's what in football, all the people know what's what in the macroeconomic policy. I'd like to say once again the currency correction conducted in February was conducted by the results of 6 months work," he said.
He reminded the National Bank also took into account the situation at the Russian currency market.

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