I have critical approach to rating race - D. Nazarbayeva

Date: 16:18, 21-02-2019.

Astana. February 21. KazTAG - It is not worth trusting ratings in each case, said Dariga Nazarbayeva, chairwoman of the committee of senate on international relations, defense and security.
Kazakhstan stepped down to 158th place in the press freedom rating "Reporters without frontiers" in 2018, the state was only one step above the top ten states, where the situation with freedom of speech "is very worrisome".
"You think we don't have the freedom of speech, don't you? You can criticize anyone. Social networks openly write about it. I don't know which rating you are talking about. It is not worth trusting ratings all the time. It depends on who draws them up and what for," he said.
She said she has always had critical approach "to this ratings race".
The authors of the press freedom index marked that the leading opposition national newspapers of Kazakhstan were prohibited in 2013, others have been under pressure of penalties, any newly created newspaper inevitably shuts after several months.
According to the report, Kazakh journalists are often arrested, the Internet is thoroughly controlled, and authorities limit access to the news sites, social networks and messengers.
Dauren Abayev, Minister of Information and Communications, had declared the global rating of freedom of speech was nonobjective where Kazakhstan was ranked 158th of 180 states.

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