I have not seen any happy billionaire - Nazarbayev

Astana. February 14. KazTAG - Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, at the meeting with winners of the project entitled "100 new faces of Kazakhstan" has declared he has not seen any happy billionaire.
"Easily coming success is a bad luck. One can inherit from wealthy parents, but there will be no use. I can declare it as an experienced person. I have not seen any happy billionaire who earn 10-20 bn per day," he said.
He added Kazakhstan has been aspiring to reach the development level like Israel or South Korea.
"South Korea is the most hard working nation. A child must be brought up until the age of five, and then there is no use. It is brought up by the society, kindergarten, school and etc. Until they are five, they don't scold the children, then they put the rucksack on their backs - and that it is how it is from the morning till the evening. People work like this in Japan, in Korea. They say: "If you don't get to university- your life will be bad". Everyone has the target in his head, he works days and nights on this, and thus, they have become educated, hardworking nation. Labor is the basis!" he said.
In his opinion, children repeat after adults.
“When they say you will definitely be an astronaut, a president. He grows up, but does not become an astronaut or a president. He breaks down. So he is not capable of anything. It is important to direct him to achieve what he wants and he needs support.  Whatever this profession is. (...) You should always learn to understand other people. Disputes come from this. Because we try to change people," he said.
He also indicated the question of demography.
“Those states in which few girls are born have no future. Today  the size of male population in China is 60 million higher than females. They go to other countries to find a couple. The fewer women in the state, the nation tends to disappear. In the end, it is estimated that by the year 3000 those nations with low female population will disappear. It’s hard to think about it, it has been accurately counted, so let's take care of the girls," he added.

Photo source: azernews