I'm afraid to fly Kazakh airlines - aviation expert

Astana. September 28. KazTAG – Aviation expert Abul Kekilbayev negatively assessed the situation in the aviation industry of Kazakhstan.
“I am afraid of flying. Because I know how we train pilots, how we allow air traffic controllers to work. Our problem is that the industry is not controlled by aviators, a new ministry has been created, but there is still no structure, almost a month has passed. As of today, the structure has not been approved, people have not yet been appointed to their places. I don’t see any great transport workers,” Kekilbayev said in an interview with journalist Aset Matayev.
The expert noted that the Minister of Transport has the task of organizing the work of his employees.
“We are waiting for others to be appointed, whether there will be specialists among them. We are all great specialists outside the transport system. They are all consultants, engeneers, technicians in Arab countries. The attitude towards our specialists in the same airline and other organizations leaves much to be desired. Why is our pilot obviously considered worse than a foreign pilot? Why then are they trying to attract our specialists to their countries?”  the expert asked.
Matayev shared his experience of flying to Hong Kong with the mother of a pilot who was originally from Almaty.
“He was offered a salary twice as much, a school for his child. He feels more comfortable abroad than in Kazakhstan,” Matayev noted.
“This means that we distribute our own specialists. I don't see that there are development options here. Here we purposefully target expats (foreign employees - KazTAG). We are purposefully washing minds out of the industry,” Kekilbayev said.

Photo source: picture from an open source