Idea on prescheduled Presidential was mainly supported by women- Nazarbayev

Date: 14:21, 06-03-2015.

Astana. March 6. KazTAG - The idea on organization of prescheduled Presidential elections was mainly supported by women, said Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev.
"Frankly speaking my personal plans were different. I have been ruling Kazakhstan for many years, since its independence. May be it's time to change the decorations, as they say in the theatre? When founder of Singapore, a beautiful state Lee Kuan Yew, I know him well, left I asked him, why did you leave?  He was ruling for 31 years, and when he saw himself on TV, he didn't like himself. So I said: may be TV smears. I have such plans as well, but the common wish, the aspiration of people, unity... Today I have a chance to consult with you, what to do further," he said congratulating women of Kazakhstan on the international women's day.
"Pre-electoral campaign has started, and mainly women supported the idea of pre-scheduled election. I get thousands of letters, I had a pile of letters this morning from people who support me and ask to promote my candidature to the post," he added.

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