If I cannot elect a president, I can choose country where I want to live - Anuar Nurpeisov

Date: 10:27, 15-10-2019.

Almaty. October 15. KazTAG - If I cannot elect a president, at least, I can choose the country where I want to live, said Anuar Nurpeisov, actor.
"When everything started I asked myself a question: "What do I want to do in my life?" The answer was clear; to live a happy life. But as soon as you start playing political games, you distance fr om happiness. When the question about the future arose, I looked at my opportunities in Kazakhstan and I thought why don’t I travel. If I cannot elect a president, at least, I can choose the country where I want to live. For this moment I have moved to Sri-Lanka," he said in his video message in YouTube.
He said he decided to leave Kazakhstan to avoid prison.
"We planned to launch a video on June 5, four days before the election, the video was about how to behave on June 9 in order to show the world what our elections are worth, but my friend called me and said that "I was under a red card": it was about application of physical power or imprisonment. We realize that we live in a country where you can be charged for anything. I knew what I was doing, but I didn’t think how much fragile are the walls of the corridor of freedom of speech in our state. I got another call and I was advised to escape," he said.
He left for Sri-Lanka wh ere he rented a guest house for three years term and works as a manager.
Prior to the video, the actor had repeatedly expressed his opinion about the political situation in Kazakhstan within the frameworks of the action "Men Oyandym".

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