Independent public commission to be created for investigation of Korday tragedy

Date: 16:23, 10-02-2020.

Almaty. February 10. KazTAG - An independent public commission will be created to investigate the tragedy in Korday district, said Tulegen Zhkeyyev, public figure.
"We will not be limited simply by the state commission. They will say common standard things in compliance with the general line. We will create a public commission, check a place, and speak. The key task is to consider this problem objectively. There is no hope in objectiveness of the state commission. There is a need for public control over the actions of investigation bodies and state commission," said Zhukeyev.
He said the response of the authorities to the events is "political ignorance".
"The tragedy in Korday was predictable, it was not the first case when interethnic conflict arose, the roots are much deeper, but the authorities have one primitive answer - "it was provocateurs". It is absurd formalism, bureaucracy of state machine, irresponsibility and political ignorance," he said.

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