Indictee on Denis Ten murder asked his parents forgiveness

Date: 12:22, 11-01-2019.

Almaty. January 11. KazTAG - Arman Kudaibergenov, indictee on Denis Ten murder, figure skater, asked his parents and people of Kazakhstan forgiveness.
"I want to ask forgiveness Denis' parents and people of Kazakhstan. I did not want to kill, I wanted to get money. I had a criminal record and could not find a job. I admit I was stealing. I did not cause any major trauma - I did not have anything in my hands to cause him serious trauma. I disagree with the murder - we did not plan it- we planned only stealing," said A. Kudaibergenov in the time of interrogation in the court's room.
As it was reported, D. Ten died in resuscitation in Almaty after being stabbed in the heart of the city. He had caught two unknown individuals who were attempting to steal mirrors from his car on July 19 at about 15.00 on the corner of Kurmangazy and Baiseitov streets where he was stabbed.

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