Information about residents' accounts in foreign banks to become available for Kazakhstan in 2018

Date: 13:33, 18-02-2015.

Almaty. February 18. KazTAG - The information about the accounts of residents in the foreign banks will become available for Kazakhstan since 2018, said Sergey Bezborodov, director of the department of tax and legal servicing of private clients of Zurich office of PWC company.
"As of today many states have signed the convention on information exchange. It is a uniform global convention... Kazakhstan has also joined it, since September 2018 Kazakhstan is expected to start exchanging and getting information about accounts of all Kazakhstani residents," he said within the frameworks of Kazakhstani forum of financial innovations.
In his words, if a person has an account in a foreign bank, it is automatically transferred to the system of fiscal bodies "with the name, account number, and balance".

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