Inhabitants of Almaty are concerned about delivery of multi-ton oxygen tanks in the residential part of the city

Date: 10:22, 27-10-2020.

Almaty. October 27. KazTAG - The inhabitants of Almaty are concerned about multi-ton oxygen tanks in the residential part of the city.
“The inhabitants of the Gorny Gigant area are in danger! Oxygen tanks are being delivered in the residential area on terrenkur! Opening of Helmir coronavirus hospitals in  Gorny Gigant located in the water protection zone is nonsense and sheer trifle, in addition the Turkish developer Rams installed especially dangerous objects right on the terrain and among residential buildings - huge, multi-ton, or rather ten-ton oxygen tanks. If they explode, the entire neighborhood will be demolished. Completely. Since the explosion of a small 40-liter oxygen cylinder in the cardio center on August 15 this year claimed the life of a technician and completely destroyed the station building. Meanwhile,  there are at least 10 ton tanks here. And both of these machines are oil-hazardous, and not guarded! Not even fenced off! " wrote Saule Kobzhanova, lawyer, on her Facebook page.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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