Inhabitants of Almaty region claimed to dismiss administration of regional prosecutor's office

Date: 15:30, 01-08-2019.

Almaty. August 1. KazTAG - The inhabitants of the Almaty region have claimed to dismiss the administration of the regional prosecutor's office.
"I claim that prosecutor of the Almaty region Azamat Zhylkybayev  not  to stop on the trial which he lost to me, he must try to protect the interests of the state in the Supreme Court, this way he can prove that he does not promote the interests of corrupted officials, as I see from long correspondence and personal communication with him.  I believe that he does not correspond to his position, I see in my example that he only slows down the work of the prosecutor’s office, ”said Vladimir Khan, who recently placed a banner in Taldykorgan demanding dismissal of the prosecutor, at a press conference on Thursday.
At the same time, he explained that in the four trials where he was a defendant, the court's ruling were in his favor.
“For the past three years, I have been living in expectation of a process, during a process or in preparation for the next process, always in the role of a defendant. I have four judicial rulings in my hands, where all claims have been dismissed, including the appeal of the prosecutor. I believe that the prosecutor’s office, having started a court in defense of state interests, has no right to lose to a private person who, in their opinion, caused damage to the state, ”Khan explained.
According to him, the problem was in the land illegally seized from him.
In turn, the participant of the Great Patriotic War Zinaida Kosovanova also demanded  dismissal of the prosecutor of the Almaty region.
"The prosecutor must be dismissed immediately. They should not work there. We demand respect for ourselves. Do not break the laws. I demand the administration of the Almaty region to be removed immediately: both the prosecutor and his deputy," she said.
According to Kosovanova and her neighbor in the country house Boris Plotnikov, they had a conflict with the chairman of the summer cooperative, whom they accuse of embezzlement, as a result of which they turned to a lawyer for help. According to her, two lawyers took significant amounts of money from them, but did not take any action. Kosovanova and Plotnikov complained about the actions of lawyers in the prosecutor’s office, but instead, the prosecutor's office supported the lawyers.  Kosovanova and Plotnikov said that the prosecutors in every possible way barred the lawyers and the chairman of the summer cooperative.

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