Initiative “One belt, one road” managed to avoid challenges of geography and inequality in development - Nazarbayev

Astana. April 26. KazTAG - The initiative "One belt, one road" managed to avoid the challenges of geography and inequality in development, said Nursultan Nazarbayev, first president of Kazakhstan.
"The initiative “One belt, one road” managed to avoid the challenges of geography and inequality in development. Eurasia is united again. Like 2 thousand years ago, the most diverse and remote parts of our continent are now connected into a single network. In a short period, we were managed to build economic corridors that bypassed challenging natural landscapes and geopolitical contradictions, ” said Nazarbayev at the opening ceremony of the second International Forum “ One belt, one road”.
Nazarbayev thanked Xi Jinping, chairman of China,  for his traditionally warm hospitality and invitation to the forum.
“Chinese wisdom says: “ If you want to become rich, build roads. ” This fully applies to the history of the Great Silk Road, which we are jointly renovating today. 2 thousand years ago, thanks to the courage and activeness of the people, Eurasia was already united into a single network of roads. It was the first prototype of globalization in the history of mankind," he said.
He added that over the past 30 years there have been many concepts of the revival of the Silk Road in Eurasia, which have not been performed.
“For a moment it might have seemed that the future trend of human development was already predetermined. However, the Silk Road model proposed by China in 2013 in Kazakhstan has become not only viable in the modern geopolitical conditions, but also successful over the past 5.5 years of its development," he said.

Photo source: picture from an open source