Inspector who saw the fight gives evidences in court on case of Denis Ten murder

Date: 15:37, 10-01-2019.

Almaty. January 10. KazTAG - The juvenile affairs inspector, who saw the fight between D.Ten and the defendants, has given evidences in the court.
“My colleague and  I were driving along the street on July 19. We were driving down Kurmangazy eastward, my partner was at the wheel. That day there was a football match at the Central Stadium, we were driving to the cordon. When we crossed Abylay Khan, not reaching Baiseitova str. we saw that Asian guys were running. There was a  Toyota Camry in front of us, one guy ran out in front of the car, fell on the hood, then ran, another Asian guy in a white T-shirt after him, he caught up with him on a side of the sports ground. I thought they were playing. Then we saw that a third guy ran up. I told my partner to stop and run towards them, my partner ran  to the park, ” said inspector Azamat Nurpeisov at the court on Thursday.
He also noted that when he ran up to D. Ten, he was losing consciousness.
“When I came up, the guy in a white T-shirt (D.Ten - KazTAG) was almost falling; when I arrived, he fell face down, blood started running from his leg. I saw that two guys ran down towards Shevchenko, I ran after them, passed the orientation on the radio that one had a black T-shirt, white gloves on his hands. When I reached Shevchenko, I did not see which way they had run away. At that time, passersby were walking, they said that the guys ran towards Nazarbayev, I ran there, I did not find them there. I came back, at that time I heard a patrol car from behind. As I did not find them on Nazarbayev, I thought maybe they ran towards Abylay Khan street. After that, we went together to Abylai Khan, and then returned to the scene, ” added A. Nurpeisov.
According to the witness, they were going to have lunch, after which they planned to go to the stadium by 16.00.
Meanwhile, to the question of the victim’s lawyer to the inspector, why he did not provide first aid to the victim, the policeman answered: “I saw both the evaders and the victim, I did not think that there was a serious injury. I did not have time to think and I ran after them (defendants - KazTAG) ”.
A criminal case is being investigated in respect of A. Nurpeisov in a separate proceeding.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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