International inspectors checking readiness of Kazakhstani peacekeepers for mission to Lebanon

Astana. April 12. KazTAG - The international inspectors are checking preparedness of Kazakhstani peacekeepers for the mission in Lebanon, reports the Ministry of Defense.
"The inspection group of the armed forces of India headed by commander general Nagendra Singh has arrived to the Almaty region to estimate preparedness of the second Kazakhstani peacekeeping troop. It is considered as an exam before leaving for Lebanon," said the Ministry of Defense.
Kazakhstani solders will conduct briefings for protection of civilians and present the reports on the main issues among them are deployment of forces and current threats to the UN temporary forces in Lebanon , Lebanese Armed Forces and Israel Defense Forces, history of conflicts, legal aspects of participation in a mission, including the mandate, memorandum of understanding, agreement on mission status and forces, and requirements of UN forces.
“In practice, the Kazakh peacekeepers will conduct exercises using a terrain model and demonstrate the skills they have acquired during the semi-annual training course on organizing the work of roadblocks with setting introductory tasks, patrolling the area of responsibility, escorting humanitarian supplies,” the message said.
It is noted that the brigade general Singh expressed his gratitude for the excellent training of the Kazakhstan peacekeeping contingent.

Photo source: picture from an open source