International loan for development of rural school is idle - Majilisman

Date: 13:20, 21-10-2019.

Astana. October 21. KazTAG - The international loan for development of rural schools has been idle, said Ivan Klimenko, Majilis deputy.
"The Ministry of Education and Science got a loan in the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development to $60 mln for support of rural and vulnerable schools for reduction of gap in the education results. In 1.5 years period the result is as follows: not a single tenge has been taken from this loan, but 185 mln tenge were spent to serve the loan. Why?" said Klimenko addressing to Askhat Aimagambetov, Minister of Education and Science.
The Minister disagreed.
"The project has been launched; a part of the equipment has been acquired for the universities, including robotic technique labs. Yes, there are problematic issues in this project, but I cannot say that it is on the zero stage," he said.
He said that the works on international contests started in summer 2019 which may last from four to nine months.
Gulmira Isimbayeva, Majilis deputy, reminded initially the Parliament planned to decline the loan in order to reconsider the financing direction.
"I don't know about the universities, but initially it was planned to invest $20 mln in rural schools," she said.

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