Investigator on murder of Denis Ten denies charges of beating defendant

Almaty. January 15. KazTAG - The investigator who conducted the investigation into the death of Denis Ten, famous Kazakhstani figure skater, denied the charges of beating  defendant Zhanar Tolybaeva.
“No pressure was exerted by me or other members of the investigative team during the investigation. In addition, none of the suspects, either verbally or in writing, addressed about this in the time of investigation," said Ruslan Sagynbayev, senior investigator of the Department of Important Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.
Defendant Arman Kudaibergenov asked the investigator about the retraining of their case for “planned murder under prior agreement”.
“To tell the truth if a man pulled out a knife, what was he intending to do? What did he plan? Two of you could overpower him with your hands, in a struggle. You pulled out the knife, deliberately injured him in the vital femoral artery," said the investigator.
Defendant Zhanar Tolybayeva had declared in the trial on January 11 that she was beaten in the time of investigation.

Photo source: picture from an open source