Involvement of population in budgets’ development will lower number of unnecessary forums - Majilis deputy

Date: 15:02, 18-09-2019.

Astana. September 18. KazTAG - Involvement of population in development of budgets will lower the number of unnecessary forums, said Irina Smirnova, Majilis deputy.
"We need to reconsider organization of budget process at all the levels. Involvement of population in formation of budgets must play the biggest role. If the state bodies followed the principles of transparency, accessibility, integrity of participation, there wouldn't be so many forums which do not contribute into improvement of life, there wouldn't be pilaf festivals held for the budget account, billions wouldn't be allocated for football and so on. Most likely, the tragedy at the railway crossing wouldn't have happened, as people would have instructed to build a safe crossing," said Smirnova in her deputy request to Askar Mamin, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.
In her words, today there is no budget information on the state of planning for comprehensive discussion, while information is provided only on the stage of performance.

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