Iran developed new model of spaceship

Date: 03:40, 12-05-2014.

Almaty. May 12. KazTAG - Iran has developed a new model of spaceship to deliver people to the orbit, reports the Trend news agency.

"Iran has developed design and model of a spaceship 300-500 kg in weight to deliver people and animals to the space," reads the message.

According to Mokhammed Ibragimi, head of research center under the institute of astronautics of Iran, the development is one of the main programs of the institute. The final goal of the program is to send people to the space to the orbit around the Earth in the mid-term perspective.

In his words, the conceptual model of a spaceship was developed in cooperation with Teheran polytechnic university of technologies Amir Kabir. The production and launch of the spaceships is planed after approval by the Iranian space agency.

In case of approval the spaceship will be launched in 2017.

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