Iran may withdraw from Geneva agreement in case of new sanctions against Teheran

Date: 15:36, 28-01-2015.

Almaty. January 28. KazTAG - More than 80 Parliament deputies of Iran have signed a petition prescribing "tough response measures" from the side of Teheran in case the US decides to impose new sanctions against Iran, reports the Iranian Telegraph Agency (IrTAG).
"According to the statement, in case western sanctions in respect of Iran are not withdrawn and if the US imposes new sanctions against Iranian people, they will face tough response from the side of the Parliament and administration of the state," said Ibrahim Karhaney, chairman of Parliament committee on atomic energy of Iran.
In his words, any "incorrect steps" from the side of the West in respect of Teheran will result that "all the conditions of the Geneva agreement will be canceled" pushing Iran " to renewal of nuclear activity with new force and energy".

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