Iran prevails at negotiations in Vienna

Date: 10:16, 25-11-2014.

Almaty. November 25. KazTAG - Iran has prevailed at the negotiations on the nuclear program in Vienna, reports the Russian Service BBC.
"President of Iran Hassan Rouhani declared the country "has prevailed" at the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program in Vienna, while the negotiations "will lead to consent sooner or later," reads the publication.
The President of Iran declared "much of breach" has been eliminated in the negotiations.
"The first phase is based on backstage talks, advancing ideas and negotiating in narrow circle. Weighted progress has been achieved on this stage," he said.
"Another phase is when the agreements are transferred to the paper, and they finalize with a final written agreement. As for now we are in a distance from this stage," he said.
Meanwhile, the republicans in the US congress declared the necessity to learn the content of the agreement with Iran and stick ongoing negotiations on the nuclear program with introduction o tougher sanctions. However, the White House representatives said Iran needs more time to respond the concern about its nuclear program. He said new sanctions may be a counterproductive step.

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