Is Petropavlovsk's heating at risk? Klebanov owes Sevkazenergo almost T2 billion for coal

Petropavlovsk. September 27. KazTAG - Sevkazenergo JSC, which is controlled by oligarch Alexander Klebanov, owes almost T2 billion for coal, the agency reports citing Petropavlovsk.News.
“The debt to the coal supplier amounts to KZT1.8 billion. What measures is the company taking to pay off the debt? Will this lead to disruption of the heating season?”  Akim of the North Kazakhstan region Gauez Nurmukhambetov asked the General Director of Sevkazenergo JSC Anatoly Kazanovsky.
A company representative hastened to assure that “the heating season will proceed as scheduled.”

Photo source: picture from an open source