It is difficult for authorities of Kazakhstan to control the Internet; it is easier to block it - expert

Date: 05:53, 26-06-2019.

Almaty. June 26. KazTAG - It is difficult for the authorities of Kazakhstan to control the Internet, it is easier to block it, said Konstantin Pak, director of center for development of financial technologies and innovations of the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan.
"In the time of revolution there was a need to control the telephone, telegraph and etc. Now we have the Government, which does not control the Internet, it controls nothing. For this reason, the authorities are taking different efforts to control the Internet. It happens from time to time in Kazakhstan. The only problem is that there are too much data and it is hard to control them. It is possible to block it, but it is hard to control it," he said at the annual seminar of Central-Asian youth movement "Dialogue. Data. Digital Security".
In his words, banks and TV operators possess big data.
"Banks know a lot as they have access to your financial information, plus this information can be enriched from other sources. The good thing is that data are rarely sold nowadays," he said.

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