Journalist detained at Nauryz calls to attract deputy head of Astana to responsibility

Date: 08:47, 01-04-2019.

Astana. April 1. KazTAG - Svetlana Glushkova, journalist detained at Nauryz, calls to attract Bakhytzhan Malybayev to responsibility.
"I am asking to attract journalist G. Turarbekova (Gulnar Tirarbekova-KazTAG) and deputy head of DIA Malybayev to responsibility. At 12.00 on March 22 they were hindering work of our film crew near Shapagat market," said Glushkova reading her statement in the social network.
She was broadcasting her statement from the airport of Astana.
"The unknown people were covering the cam with their hands, they were pushing us. G. Turarbekova was among them. I applied to Malybayev B. for help, but he took me to Turarbekova who started shouting, I hit her, she was behaving defiantly, Malybayev said to grab me and take to the police station, while the woman would read a statement. There is a video record about it. My report was disrupted," she added.
As it was reported, Glushkova, who was detained in Astana on March 22 was attempting to cover detention of people protesting against renaming of the capital into Nur-Sultan.
The journalist was broadcasting from the terminal N1 of domestic arrivals of Nursultan Nazarbayev international airport. She said that she was not provided with a copy of the case without a lawyer. She said the police were going to take her to the court's room for consideration of the administrative case following her detention.
"It is a case connected with detention near Shapagan by an application of a student who said that I hit her. Bakhytzhan Malybayev, deputy head of Astana police, ordered to arrest me," said Glushkova. Later it was revealed that Turarbekova is a volunteer of Astana Zhastary and worked near the trade house "to entertain people with dances and songs".
The journalist’s lawyer Bauyrzhan Azanov studying the case revealed in the files there was no his application for a copy of the case.
It was also revealed that examination of the allegedly injured Turarbekova was not conducted on March 22, on the day of Glushkova’s detention, but only on March 29, that is, seven days later.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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