Journalist of Radio Azattyk detained in Aktobe

Almaty. January 4. KazTAG - Zhangul Zhursin, journalist of Radio Azattyq was detained in Aktobe, up to date she has been released, reports Adil Soz, international fund for protection of freedom of speech.
"Zhanagul was present at the verdict announcement to the head of financial pyramid. After the verdict announcement, the convict supporting group, which included over 300 people, smeared the court's room . Then the crowd rushed outside. By that time three buses with special forces had arrived," reads the message.
Zh. Zhursin filmed the events on a video. In her words, one policeman prevented her from filming. The journalist showed a professional ID. However, she was pushed inside the police bus and taken to police station. She managed to call the correspondent of Adil Soz fund and tell about the incident.
"The spokesman of police department of the Aktubinsk region said they would sort out the situation. According to Zhursin, she was claimed to write a letter of explanation, than she was said she was detained mistakenly and released," reads the message.

Photo source: picture from an open source