Judge on case of Gelandewagen driver in Almaty: they even did not rinse down

Date: 15:38, 13-02-2019.

Almaty. February 13. KazTAG - The court's hearing is being held in Almaly district court on the case of Ilyas Kar, driver of Geandewagen, committing a fatal accident in Almaty killing three people.
The investigation revealed that the defendant and the victims attended company parties that night. First the defendant attended Darkhan restaurant with his colleagues, then a company of less than 10 people continues the party in Grand Opera.
"Real evidences are available: Vodka Tsar Ladoga- 20 portions = 2 bottles, Ararat- 4 portions, Jack Daniels whiskey - 4 portions, beer- 5, cigarettes, looks like they even did not rinse down. (...) Coca-cola- 1 liter, Piko, water - one liter. 3 liters of water per 3 liters of alcohol," commented Roman Selitskiy, judge, on the receipt from the karaoke bar.
There was hookah and refreshment in the receipt
According to Albina Menyanova, wife of the defendant, interrogated as a witness, almost everyone was drinking except for at least three people, including I. Kar. The prosecutor asked who was drinking vodka if among men there were only I. Kar, his cousin Karim Talasan, who also said the defendant did not drink spirits.
"One driver arrived, he was absent at the company's party, his name is Bauyrzhan. Bauyrzhan and Dimash- came and left. Aizhan, Gulmira who organized the party drank a lot, they were drinking vodka, a lot. As far as I remember half a bottle left, they took it home. Aizhan and Gulmira always do like this. He (I. Kar-KazTAG) does not drink at all. We had an argument, he got angry and left alone, " said A. Menyanova in the court's room adding that her husband has not been drinking spirits for 6 years, as he had a rib tumor.
It was revealed that a part of the company, including wife of I. Kar left from the restaurant to the karaoke bar by Gelandewagen car, using the service of a “sober driver". I. Kar separately, presumably, went by taxi.
"When we left the restaurant, the administrator of Darkhan restaurant drove on the car and there was a young man nearby. I asked: "Who is he?". The administrator may be thought it was a company party and everyone was drunk. I said: "We can drive, why?". Other people said, " that's ok, if they called the young man, let him drive". Ilyas said "Anyway we won't get into the car all together, you can go, and we will come ourselves," she added.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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