Karzai refused to meet Obama who arrived to Afghanistan

Date: 03:14, 26-05-2014.

Almaty. May 26. KazTAG - Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan President, refused to meet American leader Barak Obama who arrived to Afghanistan, reports the Russian service BBC.

"Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai refused to meet Barak Obama, US President, who unexpectedly arrived to the military base in Bagram," reads the message.

Obam initially did not intend to go to Karzai's palace motivating it by reluctance to interfere the local political processes on the threshold of the second tour of Presidential election scheduled in June. Karzai is not taking part in it.

Instead of this the US embassy invited the President to visit the base in Bargam, however the administration of Afghanistan leader sent a refusal.

Washingtonhopes the new President will sign a bilateral agreement on security which was not signed by Karzai. The US need this agreement to retain military presence in Afghanistan after withdrawal of forces planned later this year.

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