Kazakh Invest to be transferred into AIFC trust management

Almaty. April 22. KazTAG - Kazakh Invest will be transferred into the trust management of AIFC, said Alikhan Smailov, first deputy prime minister- minister of finance.
"Kazakh Invest will be transferred into the trust management AIFC. Unified information system for the formation and support of projects (Factory of Projects) will be created ... We must complete the preparatory stage within a month, with the adoption of all necessary regulatory acts and transfer to Kazakh Invest JSC, ” he said at a government meeting dedicated to investments attraction.
At the same time, Smailov noted the lack of overall coordination of actions and cooperation between government agencies and others between investment agents.
“Ministries, national companies, akimats and others are involved in the formation of the investment climate. But they operate in disunited way. Unique tools for our region have created in the AIFC are not used. There are not enough attractive projects drawn up and presented in an  understandable format for the global investment community. The work to promote the country's investment image abroad is still far from the proper level, " he said.

Photo source: picture from an open source