Kazakhstan declared as state free from bird flu

Date: 15:22, 23-10-2019.

Astana. October 23. KazTAG - Kazakhstan has been declared as a state free from bird flu, reports the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.
"The World Organization of Animals Health has declared recognition of Kazakhstan as a state free from the bird flu. It is a big merit of all the veterinary service of Kazakhstan, including the Ministry of Agriculture, the Committee of Veterinary Control and Surveillance, Kazakhstani Scientific-Research Institute of Veterinary," said the message.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, poultry branch is an important component of the agricultural complex of Kazakhstan.
"This status will let the country realize the export potential of its agricultural sector, as well as positively affect the economic development and image of Kazakhstan. These measures are aimed at implementing the president’s order to open new markets, ” said the report.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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