Kazakhstan declares contentment with Trump's decision on uranium imports

Date: 14:23, 17-07-2019.

Astana. July 17. KazTAG - Kazakhstan has expressed its contentment following the decision of US leader Donald Trump on uranium imports.
"Kazakhstan is contented about the decision of US President Donald Trump to cancel introduction of trade restrictions on uranium imports initiated in July 2018 by the US Trade Ministry," said the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan.
The Ministry of Energy said that Kazakhstan and the US have long and successful cooperation story in the energy sector, "which has reached the strategic level of partnership within 28 years".
"One of successful levels of mechanisms of strengthening of relations is the joint commission on energy partnership, which considers cooperation in the field of nuclear security, atomic industry, oil and gas, development of renewable energy sources and electric power. Kazakhstan renders great significance to development of bilateral cooperation in the atomic industry and strengthening on non-proliferation regime," reads the message.
"Kazakhstan is a leader of uranium production and one of guarantors of uninterrupted work of the Atomic Power Stations throughout the world. The technology of uranium production in Kazakhstan by the method of underground borehole leaching is recognized by the IAEA as the most environmentally friendly and safe way, " said the statement.
Export of natural uranium from Kazakhstan to the US amounted to 1153.5 tons in 2015, 1813 tons in 2016.
"The volume made 948 tons in 2017, 4.1%  of the total volume of exports (23 258 tons), 399.8 tons in 2018, which made 1.95% of the total volume of exports (20452 tons)," said the Ministry.

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