Kazakhstan files lawsuit in New York court against computer hackers

Date: 12:30, 13-03-2015.

Almaty. March 13. KazTAG - Kazakhstan has filed a lawsuit in  New York court against unknown hackers who attacked the Government computers and published confidential correspondence, reports the American Internet portal Bloomberg.
"Kazakhstan has sued unknown hackers who broke the Government computers and published some confidential correspondence, which officials exchanged with the New York law firm," reads the statement.
It is noted that, the hacking fact was detected in January.
"As noted in the statement of claim to the court in Manhattan, the hacking fact was detected in late January. Thousands of messages of Kazakh officials sent through the postal service gmail were stolen. Some reports have been published on various web sites, including Facebook, said Kazakh officials ", reads the message.
It is reported that Kazakhstan has launched investigation to identify

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