Kazakhstan may boost oil deliveries to China to 40 mln tons annually under joint Kashagan development

Date: 09:16, 20-05-2014.

Shanghai. May 20. KazTAG - Kazakhstan may boost the volume of oil supply to China to 40 mln tons annually under joint development of Kashagan field, said Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan.

"The volume of Kazakhstani oil deliveries to China may reach 40 mln tons.  A pipeline is needed for that. We discussed it with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping on May 19," he said during on-line talk with Chinese internet users.

"China is facing one of important tasks- to provide the developing economy with energy resources, Kazakhstan may take part in it and help the Chinese economy. We have constructed a gasmain through Kazakhstan to China, and a pipeline- from the Caspian sea to China," he said.

About 13 mln tons of oil were exported to China in 2013.

"We can reach 40 mln tons. In addition Kazakhstan is rich with coal stocks, today we negotiated with a Chinese company in the field of cooperation development in coal branch," he added.

He said there are huge uranium fields in Kazakhstan, while China has big plans on APS construction.

"With Chinese companies we plan to create a big cycle of nuclear fuel production in Kazakhstan," he said

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