Kazakhstan open for Chinese people violating migration law - source

Date: 05:45, 08-04-2014.

Almaty. April 8. KazTAG - Kazakhstan is open for free movement of the Chinese people who earlier violated the migration law, said an informed source.

"The Chinese people working in Kazakhstan have a special trafficking channel through Aktobe and Shymkent. For example, a Chinese citizen has an expired registration in one of the regions. There are people who have ties with the migration service who bring the Chinese first to Shymkent, and then to Urumqi or from Aktobe to Baku and then to China. This way, the Chinese people managed to avoid administrative responsibility for expired registration," he said to KazTAG.

Meanwhile, there has been a fact in Aktobe when the national security committee did not allow one Chinese worker to enter the state. "However, he came and worked there. This way, the Chinese people uninterruptedly come to our state," he said.

He added, "there are no marks in the passports, in the "Berkut" database of the migration service, and border service".

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