Kazakhstan plans to ship electric power from Ekibastuz to China- Shkolnik

Date: 11:35, 26-01-2015.

Astana. January 26. KazTAG - Kazakhstan is negotiating with China about possible electric power supply made with Ekibastuz and Toraisk coal to China, said Vladimir Shkolnik, Minister of Energy.
"As another perspective direction we are considering expansion of our export potential through construction of high voltage power line from Ekibastuz to Saini substation in Sinkiang-Uighur Autonomous region , load plus-minus 800 kilowatt of constant current. It will let us transfer 6 GW to China," said Shkolnik.
"The negotiations are uneasy now on this direction. It is serious growth of our export and receipts for our budget," he said.
He added Kazakhstan will be able to ship energy to Russia and other states of Eurasian Economic Union.
"The concept is planned to be adopted in May for creation of the common energy market which will provide uninterrupted access to the networks for interstate transfer of electric power under condition of priority use of energy for provision of internal demand of the states," he said.

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