Kazakhstan rose to 10 positions in the ranking of the UN e-Government

Date: 04:37, 25-06-2014.

Astana. June 25. KazTAG - Kazakhstan rose to 10 positions in the ranking of the United Nations (UN) in e-government, the press service of the Agency for Communication and Information.
"According to the ranking of the United Nations e-government development, Kazakhstan improved its positions from 38th to 28th place among 193 countries," - said in a statement issued on Wednesday.
It is noted that the development of e-government index consists of indicators of human capital, telecommunications infrastructure and online services. Its current computer literacy accounted for 63.2%, the level of broadband Internet access in the country is 67.6%.
"Formed e-government infrastructure allows Kazakhs to get 570 services. If in 2013 portal provided services for 38 million, the number of services provided in the current year up to date reached 22.8 million. Daily visits of portal in average amounts to 43 thousand users,"- said the agency.
As part of the next stage of development of e-government, will be the introduction of mobile government, which will provide services by mobile devices, including traditional phones. Until the end of the year through mobile devices will be available more than 50 facilities and services.

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