Kazakhstan's society concerned about lack of justice - Tokayev

Astana. March 26. KazTAG - The society of Kazakhstan is concerned about lack of justice, said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan.
"Justice in the society first of all depends on the executive power. The task of the Government, Ministries, akims, police, prosecutor's bodies, courts is to protect the rights of people. It is their constitutional obligation and civil duty," he said at the working trip to the Turkestan region.
He declared about strengthening of combat with corruption and personal responsibility of the heads of central and local bodies in whose respect people will send grounded and fair complaints.
In addition, the president of Kazakhstan has criticized the mechanisms of reporting meetings of authorities with the population.
“We must create conditions for employment and professional growth of our people, first of all, young people. We must work to ensure that the potential of those who work abroad can be used in our country. Then we will become even stronger. At the same time, social dependency cannot be promoted among those who are not seeking for a work. The Government will support socially vulnerable people. All the rest should work, " he said.
The head of state instructed the Government to update the budget targeting on development and security of the state, and reducing expenses on the image events.
“The main focus of budget spending is addressing the needs of ordinary people. Water, housing, jobs, conditions and infrastructure for people's lives - all this worries the population of the country. And we will solve these questions. I will evaluate the work of ministers and akims based on the results of solving specific problems," he added.

Photo source: picture from an open source