Kazakhstan turned to be "ahead of all the planet" with industrialization program - Russian economist

Date: 09:12, 21-11-2014.

Astana. November 21. KazTAG - Kazakhstan turned to be "ahead of all the planet" with the industrialization program, said Mikhail Khazin, Russian economist.
"Today when it has become clearer that the tool of financial demand stimulation does not work anymore the situation will get different, in other words, the real sector will play a bigger role in any state, the industrial one. In this respect Kazakhstan turned to be ahead of all the planet as it started industrialization 5 years ago, it had been planned 7-8 years ago," he said.
"Undoubtedly continuation of this policy will give very serious effect within the frameworks of the ongoing crisis," he said.
In his words, under similar economy structure of Russia "there has been economic decline for 2 years", while the GDP of Kazakhstan has been growing by 4-5%.

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