Kazakhstan will get benefit from EEU for long term perspective - Nazarbayev

Date: 02:27, 28-05-2014.

Astana. May 28. KazTAG - A session dedicated to preparation of the session of High Eurasian Economic Council at the level of Presidents was held in Akorda.

"We've been moving towards the economic integration for twenty years. By this time big work has been done. Now we must practically prove that we didn't work for nothing and the signed agreement will bring benefit to people. Our country will benefit from this union for a long term perspective," the press-service cites Nazarbayev.

"We'll sign this agreement as it is beneficial from economic point of view. We should take into account that Kazakhstan has no sea access while our neighbors will provide it as well as access to the transport infrastructure," he added.

In his opinion close economic ties with neighbors will make positive impact on the development of Kazakhstan.

"The goods manufactures in Kazakhstan must compete on the markets of Russia and Belarus. Free traffic of Kazakhstani goods, capital, labor power, creation of joint ventures, strengthening of contracts- all this will serve for the benefit of our economy," he said.

Karim Massimov, Prime Minister, reported the draft agreement  was prepared according to the order of the President.

"The union will open big economic opportunities for stable and sustainable development of our country in the conditions of economic turbulence. The agreement stipulates multi-vector policy. Besides participation in this union we continue negotiations on WTO accession and agreements conclusion with the main international unions," he said.

Massimov added the document has 4 parts, 28 sections, 118 articles and 32 supplements.

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