Kazakhstani citizen went to world tour by bike

Date: 09:24, 28-04-2014.

Almaty. April 28. KazTAG - Magzhan Sagimbayev, Kazakhstani cyclist, will go on a world tour by bike "Bike the Earth".

"Kazakhstani geographic community helped me launch this project - individual world tour by bike 40 000 km in length. I am starting on May 1 and I will get back home in December 2015," he said at the press-conference.

He said the idea came long ago but he started its implementation after hitch-hiking tour last year.

"I noticed cyclists traveled for their pleasure, they stopped where they wanted, watched the sights. I simply flawed by in the car," he said.

He said the route will run through 3 continents: Eurasia, North America, and Australia. Daily distance will make up 50-170 km.

He will stop for several days in the big cities of the world to have rest and provide technical maintenance of the bike.

"I will cook myself,  I took a portative burner with refill cartridge. If there is a chance, I will make a bonfire. Maybe some friends will treat me to something; I got many of them during last trip. I don't exclude that someone will join me," he said.

His trip will be open for the world.

"I will have a blog in the social networks, post photo reports, to be in touch with all the interested people," he said.

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