Kazakhstani drivers get advice when to change tires

Date: 15:30, 27-10-2014.

Almaty. October 27. KazTAG - The summer tires may be changed into winter ones under average daily temperature below +10, said Eduard Adokov, chairman of independent drivers’ union.
"When the average temperature hits below +10+7, tires may be changed into winter ones," he said to KazTAG reporter.
In his words, "winter tires are soft and exhaust faster in high temperature".
"When the average temperature is within +10 and lower, winter tires may be tired," he added.
In his opinion there is no need to use spiked tires for the city dwellers.
"There is no need in spiked tires for those who mainly drive in the city. Those who drive on the highways every day may feel more confident with spiked tires," he concluded.

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