Kazakhstani Government must encourage smoking alternatives - expert

Date: 15:45, 13-10-2014.

Moscow. October 13. KazTAG - The Government of Kazakhstan must encourage smoking alternatives such as smokeless tobacco products, said Clive Bates, British expert on public health care.
"If Kazakhstan really wants to solve the problem of smoking and diseases connected with it, the Government must take decisive steps and encourage use of alternatives which have lower risk in comparison to smoking. If people shift to electronic cigarettes and smokeless tabacco they reduce their risks to get sick by 95-99%, and it is a big victory for health," he said to KazTAG on the eve before the 6th session of conference of the framed convention of WHO against tobacco.
He added alternative methods will bring big use for health care.
"Simply hoping that people will quit smoking is too simple. Many people can't, or don't want to quit smoking, 40% of men smoke in Kazakhstan. If you give him an alternative which will facilitate smoking cessation, at the same time giving them what they want- you will achieve big success in the health care," he said.

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