Kazakhstani Majilisman proposed to introduce responsibility of journalists for slander on European Standards

Date: 07:47, 09-04-2014.

Astana. April 9. KazTAG - Majilis deputies will introduce an article on responsibility for spread of false information in the Criminal Code according to the European Standards.

"During the opened sessions, the developers, experts, scientists in the field of criminal law declared: "Open the codes of European states, you will find an article on slander". When started talking about slander, yes, it exists, like there is a law on death penalty, there is a moratorium which bans death penalty. The same unspoken moratorium exists in the European states and the punishment for slander is not applied in respect of the journalists," said Nurlan Abdirov, Majilis deputy.

In his words, the representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office declared that "about 40 journalists have been attracted to responsibility in the European states".

According to the Majilisman, the General Prosecutor's Office provided statistics of punishment for slander in Kazakhstan.

"In the past years there have been several cases, several people, 2 or 3. They were not connected with real imprisonment," he said.

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