Kazakhstani mass media sources delete messages about 350 missing inhabitants of Arys

Almaty. June 26. KazTAG - Kazakhstani mass media have been deleting the messages about 350 missing residents of Arys.
At the moment, about a dozen mass media sources have deleted relevant messages, half of which are popular republican publications. A complete list of sources that removed this message is available at KazTAG.
The message about 350 missing people has disappeared from the original material of the regional publication of the Turkestan region, whose message was spread by the republican mass media.
However, Google search engine still gives a list of sites that hosted the message.
In fact, right after the appearance of reports about the missing people, many Kazakhstani mass media began to experience problems with the publication of their materials: the sites often turned out to be inaccessible or the date and time of the publications changed.  KazTAG news agency also faced such problems. The company, which hosts the KazTAG website, also reported technical problems.
In addition, the users of the Kazakhstani Internet segment complain massively about problems with access to social networks after the appearance of the first reports of 350 missing residents of Arys.

Photo source: picture from an open source